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With over 25 years of entertaining experience, Joel DeWyer can bring a unique sense of creativity and energy that will certainly add value to your next event, party, or gathering.

As an experienced magician, Joel has the skills and expertise to excite your guests with a blend of sleight-of-hand and mental phenomena. His charm, good humor, and clever magic is perfect for engaging guests in a social environment at corporate events, weddings, celebratory events, festivals and more. Joel is invested in creating an event experience that your guests will undoubtedly remember. 

If you’re seeking to entertain a large group with a more formal presentation, Joel offers a fascinating parlor show. This show blends magic, humor, and story-telling, with a focus on audience engagement, creating a magical experience that will leave your guests asking themselves the question, “What if?”

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Humorous, fun, and thoughtful . . . Joel DeWyer shares entertainment with an impact.

Everyone without exception (I kid you not) enthusiastically raved about Joel’s performance. The community is still talking about it, and those who missed it are kicking themselves.
— Ann T., Oyster Cove Community

professional services

Baltimore magician, Joel DeWyer, brings over 25 years of performance experience to his work, taking your event to the next level with his versatile repertoire and style.


Parlor show

This formal performance is scalable for audiences both small and large. Joel will create a special atmosphere where imagination, perspective, and story-telling reveal the real magic around us every day. An excellent choice for a variety of settings. Contact Joel to find out how this show can add value to your next social or celebratory function.


parties, Celebrations, & Corporate Events

Need someone to work the room and help your guests make new connections with one another at a cocktail hour? Looking for some classy pre-dinner entertainment for your reception or formal dinner? Organizations hire Joel to help guests break the ice with a dash of charm, humor, and high-quality magic.


private house Party Entertainment

Add something special to your next gathering of friends or family. Joel can captivate your imagination from the comfort of your home, right around your dinner table.  This is a perfect choice for dinner parties and adult gatherings.


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It all started when . . .

. . . Joel’s sister brought home a book on magic from the library.

Baltimore magician, Joel DeWyer, has been studying and sharing the craft of magic since about the age of seven.  By the age of thirteen, he was performing formal shows for birthdays, reunions, schools, libraries, and community organizations. 

Since then, Joel has continued to refine his study of the craft and aims to share his favorite mysteries in close, intimate settings, where audiences have the opportunity to experience the magic up close and personal.

In addition to his regular private performances, Joel has been a frequent performer in the e-line Production, Up Close & Personal, a close-up magic showcase in Baltimore and, in 2018, was invited to be a featured speaker at the TED-Style speaker series, Retriever Talks, at UMBC. Joel is excited to continue his collaboration with the popular Baltimore-area show, Willard & Wood, serving as host for their show, An Evening of Impossibilities, as well as an occasional guest performer at their brand new Magic Cabaret show at Food Plenty in Clarksville, Maryland.


UMBC Retriever Talks — IMAGINATION: A Path Toward Changing The Way We Look At Things.

Instagram & Twitter:  @joeldewyermagic